Tulle for Jewel

Wrapped inside with Jewel is enough tulle to make 1 Jewel tutu (or use the tulle in other ways).

A satin ribbon is also included as a waist band for your skirt.

I have cut my tulle into 14 pieces aprox 14 inches long , they are all 6 inches wide (can also be cut shorter) but you are halving the 14 inches to make a 7 inch long tulle tutu as shown (if you cut a 12 inch strip you will get a 6 inch skirt and so on).

First wrap your Satin ribbon around Jewel’s waist and mark where they meet on both sides (keep this as the center all the tulle will go between the dots).

Next fold one of your previously cut 14 by 6 inch strips in half, Hold the loop in front of your ribbon and wrap the two ends under the ribbon and back up through your loop (making a slip knot over the Satin waist ribbon ).

Hint- It helps to have another hand when tightening your tulle around the satin ribbon - some tie the ribbon to a hook planted in a stable area , I just use a heavy paperweight (in a pinch I have used my teeth- you only need a slight tension) Try to pull both ends of the tulle through the loop evenly - as you gain more experience you can try making one side longer than the other side for graduated effects or trim scallop a top row and leave bottom row long) (if you choose to make tulle skirts there are a lot of variations to try).

Next add another doubled tulle strip pull it close and snug tight next to the first, keep them between the two dots.

After you have a few strips of tulle on the ribbon, I tie a knot on one side, right at or just a fraction beyond the dot so I can pull the tulle all the way to the end without it sliding past her waist measurement.

Keep adding tulle the same way until the satin ribbon is full (from dot to dot) as shown. Once you have all your tulle on and decided that it is the proper fullness to your liking tie another tight knot in your satin waist ribbon at the other dot ( this holds the tulle between the two knots, leaving ribbon on either side for tying it on.

Put around waist and tie in a bow in back - fluff and your done.

Hint variations - You can shred bottom or cut in points or scallops but often this is done before tying the tulle on, as the result is more even.

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