Jewel Fashions (wigs, shoes, and dress sets)

(Most Jewel Items are sold out - I will be adding a few dress sets or custom wigs here and there.
Shoes and wigs can still be pre-ordered but will not arrive with Jewel

Gossamer: Light, airy, extremely fine, ethereal and diaphanous - like spider webs floating on a breeze. -Webster’s online dictionary

Sandy Halstead of DollDeeLights created the design and style of these adorable little dress sets.
As I line them up they put me in mind of colorful little gems- and how appropriate is that for Jewel the fashion Pixie !

Hand crochet - lacy, fitted, one piece teddy, done in fine threads, snaps up the back and can be worn alone or with the beautiful embroidered lace skirt.
Skirt is lined with tulle, sporting a hand crochet waist band in the same shade as the teddy. Machine embroidered in silk thread and professionally finished.
(The lace is imported available in 2-3 yards pieces, only 2-3 dresses can be made in each pattern so I will put an individual paypal up for each available dress set)

Price $40.00 each

Gossamer Blush - light pink with pink, cream and tan skirt. (Sold out)

Gossamer Breeze pale sky blue with pink, blue and cream skirt (Sold out) - .

Gossamer Cappuccino (sold out) - Taupe brown with brown, rose, pink and copper skirt.

Gossamer Cottage Rose- Dark rose with brown, rose, pink and copper skirt. (Sold out)

Gossamer Tea Time - Beige with cream pink taupe skirt (sold out)

Gossamer Pixi nite- Black with black fine pleated embroidered skirt. (Available)

Jewel fashions, Custom work- hand crafted, lacy, weaves and crochet, a fashion staple today.

Jewel is a versatile fashionista and right on board with trending, hand worked, textiles.

Summer Sizzler designed and hand made in the U.S.A. by talented hook artist Sandy Halstead!
Hand beaded, crochet summer sizzler with matching hair-bows and nylon panty.
Crochet in fine cotton thread, custom made to size for Jewel.
Each dress takes a full day to make. (Since each dress is hand crafted solid colors or other combinations can opted for . (two styles shown - mini and longer version- please leave note on your preferred version) Order now to arrive with your doll. ……..Super Price only 22.00
Sold Out- Wisteria- Crochet dress and mohair wig set, Empire waist, mini in soft shades of lavender and grey , made for Jewel (size 6-7 wig 100% shorn mohair ). only 1 set (SOLD).

Jewel’s Pixi-licious dress and blossom hat,
( Cute, mini, petal dress with sweetheart bodice and blossom petal hat.
This beauty sports a fitted bodice with rows of blossom petals . Matching hat looks like a flower blossom dropped on her head - (hand crafted in fine quality cotton thread) Wear hat with or without a wig.

(Sold out) - can be custom made by Pixie Diva contact me for details


Jewel’s Pixie pearls dress and blossom hat (hand crafted)
Custom made in a soft cotton crochet thread.
Beautiful, mini, fitted dress with pearl studded petals and a feminine off shoulder collar line, quick snaps up the back and ready to wear. Very high quality, tedious, hand workmanship.
Matching petal hat can be worn with or without a wig.

(Sold out) - can be custom made by Pixie Diva, contact me for details.


An example of Jewel next to Ellowyne to show 16 inch doll and 14 inch doll height relation

Wigs for Jewel :

size 6-7- made in 100% shorn mohair and pre-sterilized human hair.

I have a few wigs left in stock, most colors are sold out- wigs not in stock have to be added to the pre-order list and take about 8 weeks to arrive. Please contact me for the in stock wigs for Jewel - all the Jewel wigs are special priced for Jewel customers.

Piggy Tales mohair wig (Sold Out)

Carolina mohair wig
Saucy mohair wig (**Oct 1 update- 5 left- contact me for colors)
Lambcurls mohair wig (**October 1st update 1- light auburn and 2-dark blonde left)
Human hair pony tail wig (** October 1 update- still available in dark blonde and med brown)

Shoes for Jewel :

Big girl Mary Janes- patent leather with cross strap. (red, black, pink, white, cream

Colors available
“Cat Girl”
Sweet little pump with embroidered cat face black or pink.
Colors available
Sling back , closed toe, high heel with golden bronze shimmer.
Great with frilly dresses, goth looks, vintage wear,
Victorian style lace up calf boots with tapered toe.
Black, white, pink

colors available
Please allow 4-6 weeks for shoes delivery or purchase early to arrive with your doll